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Alain Junior de Armas Berrio
Nationality: Cuban
Age: 16 years old
Height: 186 cm
Jump: 351 cm

・Gold medal at junior National Championship of male Volleyball from 2014 to 2016 in Cuba.
Best reception of the national junior men’s volleyball championship of 2015 in Cuba.
 ・MPV of the junior National Championship of male Volleyball of 2014 – 2016 in Cuba.
 ・Former member of the national team of volleyball under 18 years in Cuba.


Eight years ago, when my parents took me to the World Volleyball League (Cuba and Italy), I had realized my dream to be a professional volleyball player and compete in other countries.I began to practice volleyball in school. My first jersey has the number 4 on it and this has been very special to me because it always reminds me of my first game and hits in Volleyball.” “I had been mentored by recognized coaches from Cuba and from different countries. Thanks to them I had maximized my skills which allowed me to enter the School of Sports Initiation of Havana EID (a school with excellent sports programs and a great sporting tradition.)

“The best thing had happened a year later. I was chosen among a great number of Cuban players to come to study to Japan, specifically in Miyakonojo Higashi High School.I am fortunate to be given this opportunity and follow my dreams.”

“Last March 2017, I arrived in Japan with great expectations but at the same, I was a little worried of the challenges I will encounter especially for the fact that I only speak Spanish. Luckily, I was warmly welcomed with a lot of love by all my teachers and classmates. I am filled with courage to overcome my doubts and embark on my journey as I learn a new language and culture.

When I started attending school I was very surprised because I was not the only foreigner in school. Some teachers and students from various countries. This made me feel much more confident because I could feel a globally-competitive atmosphere where I can fully learn and express myself.

My school has a lot of interesting educational programs, but the English course is one of my favorites. This course is taught by highly experienced teachers, and one of them is my English teacher, Ms. Jeanne Mider from the Philippines. She is a great teacher because she has taught me about the importance of the English language. Every time we have a class, I always put my best foot forward because I know that when I can speak English, I can survive anywhere in the world.


Aside my goal to be a professional Volleyball player, I also wanted to show the immense quality of the Cuban Volleyball System in Japan. Since I have arrived here, I have been training with the school’s volleyball team along with my excellent teammates, coach Sensui (who was a member of the national team of Japan); and coach Maurice Torralba (who was a professional volleyball player, in national teams of volleyball and beach volleyball in Cuba and became the coach of the aforementioned teams after being an all-time player)


have been in Japan for a couple of months now and every day has been unique and special. To be honest, I really miss my family and my friends in Cuba, and I miss the smell of homemade food and the beautiful view of the sea from my house. Sometimes, it makes me feel a little sad, nostalgic and eager to embrace my loved ones.

But, every time I feel this way, I think that this longing is just one of the challenges that I must overcome in my life. I feel more than secure to have the unconditional support of many people who wants the best for me.



¨I will never give up until I achieve my goals.
I will never stop pursuing my dreams!”



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